Benefits of TEM Managed Services

Reduce Telecom Expenses

TEM programs can reduce annual telecom expenses today and going forward.

Save Money and Free Up Budget

MTS TEM Manged Services will free up telecom budget dollars for reallocation to those unfunded but important IT projects.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Managed Services automates and outsources TEM lifecycle tasks so you can free resources.

Redeploy Resources to Strategic Tasks

MTS offers cafeteria style managed services so you can outsource only the processes you want and keep others in-house.

Mitigate Risks and Exposure

Achieve consistent, measurable processes based on industry best practices.

Gain Control and Visibility

MTS TEM Managed Services deployments provide customers with full access to our TEM Suite platform and its dashboards and reports.

A successful Telecom Expense Management (TEM) program can deliver significant cost savings. However, many enterprises do not have the resources or specialized expertise to properly manage the TEM lifecycle. This is where a TEM Managed Services offering can increase your savings potential and result in significant ROI. If implemented properly with the correct MSP, or managed services provider, there are significant benefits of TEM Managed Services programs.

The right TEM Managed Services team should be staffed with diverse professionals with deep expertise in TEM/EMM, emerging telecom technologies, and the necessary functional skills in TEM operations, vendor management, account management and TEM business process design/delivery. A best in class MSP should also have expertise expertise in complementary areas such as one-time auditing, physical site audits, contract negotiation and overall industry best practices.

For an organization without strong expertise in telecom expense management, the benefits of TEM Managed Services can be significant and may provide the best overall return on investment.

Selecting the best TEM MSP and understanding which TEM processes should be outsourced and which are better left in-house can be challenging. For example, MTS Managed Services team will take care of an enterprise’s time-consuming processes involved in managing the telecom lifecycle so internal resources can focused on the areas which will provide the greatest positive impact to their business.

This webinar replay explores the benefits of TEM Managed Services, best practices for selecting an MSP and what to consider when deciding which processes should be outsourced.

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