Tel Aviv, Israel / River Edge, NJ, USA, June 18, 2015 – Vexigo, a global provider of online video advertising and content monetization solutions and a wholly- owned subsidiary of Mer Telemanagement Solutions Ltd. (NASDAQ: MTSL), announced today that its Visualizr mobile publishing platform, which transforms sites so they are mobile friendly thus increasing targeted ad exposure and generating higher ad revenue; now fully supports and leverages the recent changes to search engine ranking algorithms that favor mobile friendly websites.

The Vexigo Visualizr mobile publishing platform enables website owners and publishers to promote and monetize their content as a personalized magazine optimized for all types of devices, including mobile and wearable devices. Vexigo’s patented contextual analysis engine performs real-time analysis of a website visitors’ navigation behavior and automatically pushes relevant website elements and content for each unique visitor to their device creating a stunning, personalized mobile website.

“Many publishers and online advertisers are struggling with the recent ranking changes that major search engines like Google Inc. and Microsoft Corporation recently implemented that boost the search ranking of mobile friendly pages while penalizing those pages that are not mobile friendly,” said Dan Gilai, Director of Product Management at Vexigo. “The Visualizr platform enables both publishers and advertisers to take advantage of a personalized, mobile friendly platform that dynamically restyles content that is the most relevant to each visitor resulting in a content rich, personalized mobile experience.”

Content publishers and advertisers can quickly take advantage of Visualizr’s full suite of mobile online advertising options, including native ads, interstitials, video, rich media and sponsored content that enables them to target their audience with pinpoint accuracy. In addition, the solution provides website visitors with personalized content, based on their unique reading preferences and usage increasing visitor stickiness and time spent on the site. The Visualizr platform also includes a management dashboard for full visibility into engagement statics and ROI measurements allowing publishers to quickly optimize their content and monetization efforts.

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