Discover How to Reduce Costs, Gain Visibility, and Create Excess Budget Capacity

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Reduce Wireless Expenses

An MTS Wireless Optimization can start to show savings in as little as 90 days

Save Money and Free Up Budget

Wireless Optimization engagements can generate 10% – 35% savings that can free up budget dollars for reallocation to those unfunded but important IT projects.

Gain Visibility

Generate a cost savings report outlining all your assets, plans and usage.

Optimize your plans, pools and usage

Leverage our insider information, detailed pricing benchmark data, and our analytics technology to create the optimum pool, plan, and usage combinations to maximize your service usage at the lowest costs possible.

Create Excess Budget Dollars

Reduce ongoing wireless costs to free up allocated budget dollars.

Generate Budget Dollars for Underfunded IT Project

Be an IT hero and generate savings that translate into found money. This money is surplus budget dollars that can fund additional IT projects.

Wireless Optimization is the first step in MTS’s Quick Wins / Sustained Savings program. A well executed wireless optimization will create a defined baseline of assets and usage patterns. More importantly, the wireless optimization will quickly find and recover initial savings or “Quick Wins”. On average, a customer can start to realize savings in as little as 90 days.

Sustained Savings come from an ongoing Wireless Expense Management (WEM) program which will generate hard and soft dollar savings throughout the term of the program. Together, our Quick Wins / Sustained Savings program can generate significant savings for our customers; as much as 30% of annual spend within scope.

Register for this webinar and learn from industry experts and discover some of the insider secrets to reducing your wireless costs. A successful Wireless Optimization project can deliver significant cost savings and our expert speaker will highlight a few of the insider tips to maximizing your wireless cost savings by performing a wireless optimization.

This 40-minute webinar will provide attendees with:

  • An overview into the key processes and areas to explore to maximize savings
  • Insider tips the pros use
  • Real-world case studies in savings

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