Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management

MTS TEM Suite offers a true cradle to grave solution for managing simple to complex BYOD programs, all from an easy to use cloud-based solution. Companies preparing for a new BYOD deployment or updating their current BYOD strategy can use the MTS TEM Suite solution to define, budget, deploy and report on the success and compliance of their BYOD and mobility programs.

TEM Suite’s BYOD Solution helps companies to:

Define the BYOD Program

  • Create or update mobile policies
  • Identify eligible employees and determine if their personal mobile device is supported based on corporate BYOD policies
  • Understand what percentage of BYOD calls are work related and qualify for a stipend

Budget for the BYOD Program

  • Determine your BYOD reimbursement budgets
  • Gain full 360 degree visibility into all aspects of the BYOD program’s users, satisfaction and costs so management can understand the true business impact of their BYOD program

Deploy the BYOD Program

  • Simplify the deployment of a BYOD program
  • Capture and managed BYOD related Assets
  • Secure your BYOD assets and corporate data

Report on the BYOD Program

  • Analyze your BYOD program objectives and results
  • Automate reporting
  • Measure your BYOD success with reporting and dashboards
MTS BYOD Management Solution

BYOD Management Benefits:

  • Reduce BYOD Costs and Risk Exposure through Visibility
  • Secure Your BYOD Assets and Corporate Data.
  • Analyze Your BYOD Program Objectives and Results