Contract Negotiation & Strategic Sourcing

MTS Contract Negotiation & Strategic Sourcing services combines unparalleled insider knowledge and benchmark intelligence to professionally and consistently negotiate world-class contracts for our clients. Our insider knowledge was forged through performing thousands of negotiations with the carriers’ elite Special Pricing Organizations. This approach earns and updates the very best rates in the market in our database by aggressive and ongoing negotiations for large and complex clients.

Benefits of MTS Contract Negotiation & Strategic Sourcing

Benefits to our clients include world class rates and terms in their contracts and a faster contract negotiation process. This means savings are delivered sooner. Your internal team expends fewer resources. We manage the entire project from the creation of the book of business to the initial carrier analysis and contract legal review.

A Contract Negotiation & Strategic Sourcing Engagement Provides:

  • A high ROI engagement that can fund or justify a long-term Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution
  • Lasting results: An MTS audit combined with a TEM solution will help an enterprise keep its revenue where it belongs: in your

Contract Negotiation Services Include

  • End-of-term Contract Negotiation
  • Mid-term Contract Negotiation
  • 11th Hour Contract Negotiation
  • Full Multi-carrier RFP Management

Success that Goes Beyond Best in Class Telecom Contract Rates

Alone or packaged with other MTS Services, our Contract Negotiation services ensure that you enjoy world-class telecom contracts, maximizing your leverage with your carriers. This prepares you to analyze technology options (such as VoIP) or prepares you for a TEM solution deployment. Within a few months, savings can be realized with no up front investment.

Contract Negotiation & Strategic Sourcing Case Study

Company Profile
Leading manufacturer of commercial and consumer goods with over $9 M in telecom spend

Business Challenge
Lack of spend visibility and control; tasked with consolidating redundant telecom infrastructure caused by multiple acquisitions; reduce telecom expenses

Audit and renegotiate telecom invoices and contracts to reduce telecom expenses and consolidate vendors/contracts

Value Achieved
Over $1.2M in costs savings from audit and contract rate reductions and on-going cost-avoidance savings