MTS Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

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Today’s connected employee is expecting their company to provide the ability to work from anywhere at any time, from any mobile device. This shift to a computing everywhere model has forced organizations to move from desktop business apps behind corporate firewalls to mobile business apps on the cloud. TEM Suite’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution delivers the visibility and control companies need to manage this dynamic environment, all from a single pane of glass.

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MTS TEM Suite Wireless Procurement

Wireless Procurement Management

TEM Suite’s Wireless Procurement Management ensures that your wireless provisioning activities are under control.

Every wireless order is authorized, properly configured, placed on the appropriate wireless rate plan, and reported to the appropriate party. Organizations benefit from a single point of control over all ordering activity.

Mobile Device Management

The proliferation of “anywhere access” to sensitive corporate data exposes enterprises to liability and greater risk from theft or insecure access to sensitive data.

MTS TEM Suite’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers enterprises an easy to use but powerful solution that will increase employee productivity and help track and manage your mobile assets and corporate data.

MTS TEM Suite Mobile Device Management

Mobile Application Management

The shift to a computing everywhere model has moved business apps from the desktop to the mobile device. As a result, IT needs to find a way to secure the data on the mobile device and the mobile apps accessing the data.

TEM Suite Mobile Application Management (MAM) provides an intuitive enterprise application catalog for iOS and Android devices that secure the mobile apps.

Mobile Content Management

MTS’s TEM Suite Mobile Content Management platform offers enterprises a fully integrated cloud platform that simplifies and secures the delivery of content to mobile devices.

TEM Suite provides an easy-to-use enterprise document catalog that gives administrators the control they need and employees the access they demand.

MTS TEM Suite Mobile Content Management

BYOD Management

MTS TEM Suite Bring Your Own Device Management offers a true cradle to grave solution for managing simple to complex BYOD programs, all from an easy to use cloud-based solution.

Companies preparing for a new BYOD deployment or updating their current BYOD strategy can use TEM Suite to define, budget, deploy and report on the success and compliance of their BYOD and mobility programs.

Wireless Help Desk

As the number and types of wireless devices grow and mobile application and connectivity requirements increase, companies are seeking ways to reduce the cost and complexity of wireless support.

MTS Wireless Help Desk Services can help any company manage this wireless growth with a dedicated, highly trained Help Desk staffed with mobility experts armed with the latest enterprise mobility tool set.

MTS TEM Suite Wireless Help Desk

Additional Features

TEM Suite Mobility-as-a-Service


Mobility as a Service (MaaS) simplifies mobility rollouts and ongoing management and support. Let MTS do the work so you can focus on more strategic projects.

MTS Dashboards

Dashboards and Reporting

Put valuable information to work with advanced EMM dashboards, standard reports, and ad hoc reporting that give you control over your EMM lifecycle.

MTS Private Call Management

Private Calls Management

Easily identify, segment and report on mobile personal and business calls; a must for a successful BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program.

MTS Wireless Expense Management

Mobile Expense Management

Automate the wireless expense management and optimization of mobile assets and services to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase ROI of your mobility expenses.

MTS Mobile Device Logistics

Mobile Device Logistics Management

Take your mobile help desk to the next level with our mobile device kitting, staging, and testing services. Mobile Device Logistics Management will increase end user satisfaction and reduce new device setup issues.

MTS Mobile Device Recycling

Mobile Device Recycling

Protect the environment and maintain compliance with your Green initiatives through our Mobile Device Recycle services.

MTS VIP Wireless Help Desk Support

VIP Help Desk Support

Easily identify staff or resources that should get priority help desk support and/or have special support requirements.

MTS Managed Services

Managed Services

Outsource all or some of your CLM tasks. MTS will take care of the time-consuming, critical processes involved in managing the lifecycle so internal resources can be focused on the areas which will provide the greatest impact to the enterprise’s business.

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