IoT Redefines The Connected World . . . And We Simplify It

IoT is, and will continue being, one of the most disruptive technology trends with sweeping implications for businesses. It offers innovative opportunities for new sources of revenue, more intelligent interaction with customers to improve the customer experience, and greater operational efficiencies. The major challenge facing IoT service providers is reducing the complexity of it all. Discover how ExtremeIoT provides you with everything you need to easily and quickly deploy, manage, and monetize IoT & M2M services.

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Extreme Connect

Extreme Connect’s robust, secure, and cost-effective global M2M and IoT data connectivity solution and secure cloud-based Control Center enable you to centrally manage your entire M2M estate, irrespective of the number of M2M enabled devices deployed. Agreements with Tier 1 carriers around the world complete our agnostic IoT connectivity platform to ensure all your M2M and IoT applications are always connected for seamless integration and unparalleled functionality. With ExtremeConnect, managing and monitoring your wireless connectivity has never been easier.

Centralized Management Made Easy

Extreme Connect enables you to centrally manage and control your entire M2M estate via a secure web-based portal. The dashboard – accessible via PC, mobile, or tablet; provides a comprehensive and graphic overview of all your assets at a glance. The dashboard is highly intuitive and easy to use, enabling you to quickly access any required information. From SIM card and device management to alerts, reporting, support, and billing, Extreme Connect gives you the power to intelligently control the elements that affect your bottom line, adding transparency into your data connectivity plans and rates.

Centralized Management Made Easy

Blanket Connectivity

ExtremeIoT ensures a seamless transition from local to regional to global connectivity – all from a single platform. Customers can now manage all their globally dispersed IoT devices, often with multiple carriers, from a single platform; receiving the best coverage and pricing quickly and easily from the one centrally-managed platform. Be it 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE GSM or CDMA; ExtremeIoT’s comprehensive connectivity solutions and deep relationship with Tier 1 carriers ensure that your mission critical M2M applications are supported, and will continue to be supported from our intuitive, scalable platform.

Key Functionalities

  • Directly procure data plans (GSM/CDMA) online
  • Quickly and easily order, track, and activate your SIMs using automated online procedure
  • Define device attributes and assign technology or rate-plan
  • Effortlessly support and manage multi-level accounts
  • Seamlessly manage bulk operations with the rapid loading of devices with one-click activation
  • Easily gain control over entire SIM and device lifecycle
  • Open and track trouble tickets for customer complaints, enquiries and requests
  • Access and retain device historical information including connectivity, status and more
  • Change rate plans associated with devices
  • Monitor the activity of the entire estate and easily diagnose connectivity
  • Control costs through alarms and notifications covering a range of issues including device connectivity failure, roaming, usage notifications and fraud
Key Functionalities