TEM Suite Mobile Application Management

TEM Suite Mobile Application Management (MAM) provides an intuitive enterprise application catalog for iOS and Android devices that deliver an exceptional end user experience. Within the catalog, users can instantly view apps available to them, install apps, and be alerted to update apps.

IT can leverage the set of best practice workflows for managing the lifecycle of mobile apps including real-time software inventory reports, app distribution and installation tracking, app update publishing, and provisioning profile management. Enforcement rules can be enabled for out-of-compliance devices including active alerts, email blocking, device restriction (e.g., no VPN), and remote wipe. IT can also limit native apps available on a device (e.g., YouTube).

MTS Mobile Application Management Solution

TEM Suite Mobile Application Management Benefits:

  • Report on the security state of the device against corporate policies
  • Enable user authentication against corporate directories
  • Control access to applications based on role or department
  • Provide functionality to directly update apps outside of the app stores