TEM Suite Mobile Content Management

MTS’s TEM Suite Secure Mobile Content Management (MCM) platform offers a fully integrated software suite and optional set of managed services that provide enterprises with a fully integrated platform that simplifies and secures the delivery of content to mobile devices.

Gain Control. Provide Easy Access to Content

Mobile Content Management provides an easy-to-use enterprise document catalog that gives administrators the control they need and employees the access they demand.

TEM Suite Mobile Content Management provides easy setup and control of how content is distributed and managed, allowing employees to work on the go while protecting corporate information.

Simplify Content Distribution

IT is given in-depth reporting on content, users and devices to monitor status and usage for compliance and operational reviews. With a few mouse clicks, IT can upload, distribute and review distribution stats on any corporate document. End users are alerted when new or updated content appears in their content catalog without having to manually and continuously check for updates.

MTS Mobile Content Management Solution

TEM Suite Mobile Content Management Benefits:

  • Enterprise Document Catalog: User can access, view, share, and edit documents on their iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • Document Lifecycle Management: Administrators can send notifications and publish updates as well as, can also remotely wipe any distributed documents from devices
  • Document Security and Controls: IT can set policies on a document-by-document basis that can restrict sharing of documents by sandboxing them inside the mobile app
  • Mobile Doc Security & Compliance Management: Publish custom descriptions of the document, set document security policy, and publish over the air to all devices, groups of devices or individual devices