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Telecom is evolving at a rapid pace and enterprises and providers are scrambling to keep up with the technology demands of the connected enterprise. Enterprises are looking to find ways to maximize the ROI of their communication investments while providers look for platforms and big data solutions to gain competitive advantage in their marketplace. MTS is global provider of innovative telecom solutions and services specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by enterprises and service providers.

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MTS TEM Suite Telecom Expense Management Solutions

Telecom Expense Management

Enterprise-wide costs for voice, data and wireless services typically range from 1% of revenue for large organizations to 2.2% of revenue for smaller organizations. It is critical that enterprises stop costly oversights, promote staff productivity, and increase process efficiency by implementing telecom expense management best practices. Our TEM Suite Telecom Expense Management solution enforces those industry best practices and helps companies of all sizes and from all verticals to stop wasting and start saving.

Enterprise Mobility Management

Today’s connected employee is expecting their company to provide the ability to work from anywhere at any time, from any mobile device. This shift to a computing everywhere model has forced organizations to move from desktop business apps behind corporate firewalls to mobile business apps on the cloud. Organizations are looking for efficient ways to manage this shift to mobility. MTS TEM Suite’s Enterprise Mobility Management solution delivers the visibility and control companies need to manage this dynamic environment.
MTS TEM Suite Enterprise Mobility Management Solution

M2M/IoT Enablement Platform

IoT will be one of the most disruptive technology trends of the next decade with sweeping implications for businesses. It will offer innovative opportunities for new sources of revenue, more intelligent interaction with customers to improve the customer experience and greater operational efficiencies. The major challenge facing IoT service providers is reducing the complexity of it all. And that is what MTS CrossTALK M2M and Internet of Things platform does.

MVNE – Mobile Virtual Network Enabler

Starting a new MVNO / MVNE or growing an existing business should not be sidetracked by complex  connectivity and rigid back office operations. That is why MTS’s mPower MVNE solution for MVNOs /MVNEs / MNOs provide startups and established CSPs a complete solution for all their virtual network operations.
Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Financial Services

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid penetration of mobile phones in emerging markets, forcing telecom and mobile operators to develop and deliver new financial products and services to the unbanked population. The MTS Mobile Financial Services solution is a complete, secure, end-to-end financial services framework designed to provide any population, including the unbanked, easy access to financial services via their mobile phone.

Online and Mobile Advertising

MTS video advertising and content monetization solutions for online and mobile platforms provides precise targeting in a safe environment for both advertisers and website owners. With a full suite of monetization tools, our technology and platform is a real breakthrough in content monetization across all mobile devices, including wearables.
MTS Online and Mobile Advertising Solution
MTS TEM and EMM Consulting Services

TEM and EMM Consulting Services

A successful TEM/EMM project begins with understanding a client’s unique business needs which results in the development and implementation of a holistic people, process and technology solution that is aligned to those specific needs. MTS’s TEM and EMM Consulting Practice supports the execution of holistic TEM/EMM best practices that meet or exceed our clients’ specific needs.
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