TEM Suite Private Calls Management

Enterprises are under enormous pressure to identify and segment mobile personal and business calls, especially with the rapid growth of corporate BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs.

Personal usage of Telecom resources reflects not only on the monthly phone bill but also on the corporate processes, efficiencies and network security. In many cases mobile policy compliance, protection of employee privacy, and protection of secure and confidential corporate assets play an important part in managing the Telecom infrastructure. TEM Suite’s Private Calls Management (PCM) addresses these requirements and supports your internal processes and mobile policies.

Protection of Employee Privacy

Numbers marked by employees as private can be masked in various reports run on MTS TEM Suite to ensure employees privacy is protected (when applicable), while at the same time encouraging employees to cooperate with company policy.

A Reduction in Telecom Expenses

TEM Suite gives enterprises the opportunity to reduce telecom expenses by getting employees to identify their own calls as personal or business. Employees are automatically reminded once a month to review their calls and classify all calls through a web-based interface. Personal usage can then be summarized, reported and, if applicable, charged back to the employee. MTS TEM Suite’s PCM is fully scalable and able to serve medium sized companies to large multi-level corporations with many thousands of employees. PCM even works on all phone types, landline or mobile.

More Control with Less Work

There are many productivity features built into PCM to ensure organizations can easily implement a policy of personal call control based on their corporate policy. TEM Suite Private Calls Management gives the administrator control by letting them automatically alert employees via e-mail of calls waiting to be reviewed and monitor those who failed to do so on time through reports, notifications and other administration tools.

MTS Private Calls Management

TEM Suite Private Calls Management Benefits:

  • An Important Part of any BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Program
  • Compliance with Corporate Mobile Policy and BYOD Reimbursement Policy
  • Protection of Employee Privacy in Corporate Sponsored BYOD Programs
  • More Control with Less Work