TEM Suite Telecom Cable Management

Avoid the frustration, time and effort involved in tracking down the information required to quickly locate, review and correct network or telecom cable issues in order to reduce network downtime. Why struggle tracking down network cable diagrams and location data when many times the necessary information is not appropriately catalogued or documented. With MTS Telecom Cable Management you can easily define your assets, setup the connectivity paths between them and understand the upstream and downstream dependencies.

Gain Control and Visibility

Our telecom cable management solution is deigned around flexibility and the enterprise’s need to document, maintain and optimize the physical layer of their telecom and data network. This allows our customers to quickly identify network and telecom cable routes; from extension to switch and from device to router.

Quickly Locate, Review and Correct Cable Issues

MTS Telecom Cable Management allows you to solve network cabling problems quickly. Every aspect of the telecom cable management solution has been thoughtfully designed with troubleshooting in mind. Access the tool from anywhere at any time.

The multi-view and multi-tasking console gives you all the info you need in a single pane of glass without the need to switch between screens when trying to investigate a problem. This concise and clear documentation of horizontal and backbone cables, hardware, manholes, pathways, assets, locations, users and more … allows you to pinpoint the source of faults quickly so you can solve them.

Secure Cable Documentation at your Fingertips

Cabling documentation is critical information. It needs to be kept up to date and quickly retrievable in case of telecom cable issues. MTS Telecom Cable Management protects your cable information against unauthorized access. It provides the system administrator with complete cable auditing capability since each action is recorded along with user and date stamping.

telecom cable management

TEM Suite Telecom Cable Management Benefits:

  • Quickly locate, review and correct cable issues
  • Secure cable documentation in a central location
  • Save money, time and resources