TEM Contract Management

TEM Suite’s TEM Contract Management empowers you to proactively manage your telecom contracts by automating contract milestone alerts and contract compliance auditing against related services, assets and rates. Companies can effortlessly identify and flag contract compliance issues and billing errors that are in conflict with your negotiated contract terms.

Gain Control from Cradle to Grave

MTS’s TEM contract management solution ensures that your:

  • Procurement practices are in alignment with your negotiated contracts
  • Vendors are billing you correctly for all negotiated services and assets
  • Contract managers can proactively manage contract renewals and negotiate favorable rates and terms
  • Retired assets and services are correctly disconnected or removed from contract to avoid penalties or over-billing
  • Stakeholders have complete visibility into contract and vendor compliance

Leverage the Power of TEM Suite to Negotiate Better Contracts

As part of our TEM Suite contract negotiation and strategic sourcing offering, MTS aggressively pursues the industry’s most competitive contract rates—regardless of the size of contract or the size of your telecom services provider. We use industry-proven technology and our pricing benchmark database to conduct negotiation and sourcing events in half the time of traditional approaches.

Benefits to our clients include not only world class rates and terms in their contracts, but a faster negotiation process. Savings are delivered sooner, and your internal team expends fewer resources, as we manage the entire project from initial carrier analysis to legal review.

Telecom Contract Management

TEM Contract Management Benefits:

  • Proactively manage all your contract information including term, services and rates
  • Maintain contract status, addendums, appendices, change orders, and history
  • Securely store softcopies of all contracts and related materials as attachments for easy retrieval when needed