TEM Suite Dashboards and Reporting

TEM Suite’s Dashboards and Reporting module is an extensive business intelligence and reporting tool that helps analyze data collected from your Telecom Expense Management and Enterprise Mobility Management system. Put valuable information to work with advanced telecom management solutions—dashboards, scorecards, and ad hoc reporting that give you control over your communications management.

Gain Visibility from Cradle to Grave

TEM Suite’s Dashboards & Reporting provides the information and business intelligence for your communications environment to mitigate risk and to increase efficiency and agility. TEM Suite’s Dashboards provide executives and managers with a central repository of predefined widgets that can be selected and grouped to create customized and personalized dashboards highlighting your TEM/EMM performance.

Since each user can configure their own personalized dashboard, these dashboards offer quick access to relevant information for the C-level through the operations level.

Maximize Results with Ad-hoc Reporting and Analytics

TEM Suite’s Reporting Module offers users pre-configured standard reports. In addition to these standard reports, an ad-hoc report writer tool allows the users to create custom reports via drag-n-drop to fill any reporting needs. TEM Suite provides flexible reporting with easy filtering and analytics to see exactly the data YOU want… presented exactly the way YOU want.

User-friendly automated report distribution and scheduling ensures that your reports are pushed out the users you identify to save time and effort associated with manual report distribution. Business Analytics alerting features notifies users to problems and the associated reporting provides a drill-down ability to discover contributing factors. It also allows visibility to financial controls for communications expenses and provides customizable access to data.

Business Intelligence Across the Entire TEM / EMM Lifecycle

MTS TEM Suite Dashboards and Reporting provides business intelligence for your fixed and mobile communications environment to mitigate risk and to increase efficiency and agility. Its dashboard, benchmarking and reporting tools deliver real-time, relevant data to the right people for spend, invoice, asset, security, contract and usage management.

TEM Dashboards and Reporting
TEM Dashboards Alerts Reporting

TEM Suite Dashboards and Reporting Benefits:

  • Graphical trend analysis
  • Customization for individual users
  • Pre-built Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)