MTS Telecom Expense Management Resellers

United States

SPS provides business systems and advanced applications including Voice over IP (VoIP), network convergence, conferencing, carrier services, consultative planning, and maintenance offers.


South Africa

PROBE-TEL is a supplier to the largest Fixed Line Operator in Southern Africa and supplies and supports ICT products, ICT Management and Billing Solutions to all types of customers, from SMEs to large Corporate clients, from small PBX vendors to large Telecommunications Operators.

Contact Details: Tel +27 – 119533035  Fax +27 – 119533097


NEC Unified Solutions specializes in providing communications solutions to small, medium and large enterprises in both the private and public sectors.

Contact Details:  Tel +31 – 356891592  Fax +31 – 356891268

Belgium NV/SA

Damovo is a leading provider of enterprise Information Communication Technology (ICT) services and solutions.

Contact Info:  Tel +32-27088434  Fax +32-27088287

Cube IT solutions is the data division of Licom Telecom Systems, specializing in the implementation of telephone exchanges.

Contact Details: Tel +32-50642500  Fax +32 5064 2501 

New Zealand / Australia

Zici-Tabs Ltd provides telephony enhancements for most major platforms. They distribute, install, train and support products that enhance the traditional Voice and Data infrastructure. Based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Contact Details: Tel +64-9-367 9350   


TCC offers its European customers complete solutions for communications and information technology. TCC serves business customers from medium-sized businesses to large corporations with high efficiency.

Contact Info:  Tel +49 – 2202 9542 – 117  Fax +49 – 2202 9542 – 8117 

Hong Kong

PCCW Limited (PCCW) is the holding company of HKT Group Holdings Limited, Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider and a world-class player in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).

Contact Details: Tel +852 10088 


LogIT imports and sells IT technology products.

Contact Details: Tel +81 – 359811532  

JHC is a solution provider for the design, development, consultation and maintenance of technology and products.

Contact Details:  Tel +81334491371 


ECI delivers innovative network solutions and advanced professional services.

Contact Details: Tel  +972-3-926-6555