CLM and TEM Managed Services

Your time is valuable. Our CLM and TEM managed services can save you and your CTOs, CIOs, and IT/telecom managers up to 80% of their time previously spent on telecom expense management activities.

MTS offers a full suite of telecom expense management managed services to complement our CLM/TEM products and solutions. Our managed services and account teams are seasoned professionals with both an in-depth knowledge and a wide breadth of experience across multiple disciplines.

Managed Services is All About the Services

Our managed services team has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. We aren’t just a vendor, we’re your partner and a member of your team. We’ll work with your team to ensure you’re getting the most from your MTS investment. Check out our customer satisfaction rating and industry comparison conducted by AOTMP, a third party industry organization.

MTS Customer Satisfaction

Gain Process Efficiencies

Our managed services team will take care of your company’s time-consuming, critical processes involved in managing the telecom expense lifecycle so internal resources can focus on the areas which will provide the greatest positive impact to their business. For an organization without strong expertise in Telecom Expense Management, MTS TEM managed services may provide the best overall return on investment.

Flexibility, Expertise, Success

MTS offers a cafeteria style selection of TEM managed services. This means that a company can outsource the entire TEM lifecycle to MTS or select to have MTS deliver specific TEM processes while keeping some processes in-house. Our TEM managed services offering encompases the entire TEM/EMM lifecycle, ranging from invoice loading, auditing, allocation, and payment; to call accounting, wireless optimization, mobile device management, and contract negotiation… just to highlight a few TEM processes.

Complete Visibility and Transparency

Our TEM managed services comes with full access to our TEM Suite solution for complete visibility into your telecom expense management environment. Get access to the system, its TEM dashboards and its reports whenever and wherever you want.

With MTS TEM managed services, you benefit from considerable hard and soft dollar cost savings, as well as recover your staff’s time to deploy on other strategic initiatives!

TEM Managed Services Benefits:

  • Achieve efficiency of scale, cutting edge automation technology and decades of experience managing the TEM lifecycle
  • Mitigate risks and exposure with consistent, measurable TEM managed services processes based on industry best practices
  • TEM managed services engagements deliver a high ROI through the use of technology, industry expertise and process automation
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