TEM Wireless Optimization

Wireless services are the fastest growing part of a company’s telecom expense. As wireless devices proliferate, many enterprises are seeking ways to reduce the rate of growth of their wireless spend, and to ensure that the services they are receiving are delivered at the lowest possible cost. This is where wireless optimization services come into play.

By leveraging our technology and expertise, MTS is able to identify wireless expense savings opportunities and quickly produce savings results. The key to these services is tailoring each subscriber’s wireless usage profiles to the optimum voice / data / text rate plan, coupled with the most appropriate data / messaging / international features.

Wireless Optimization does not Require Changing Carriers

MTS fully manages the process of obtaining data from your wireless carriers, performing the optimization analysis and (after you approve the recommendations) working with your carrier to implement and validate accurate rate plan changes.

MTS offers a menu of optimization services to address specific requirements including:

  • One time optimization
  • Ongoing quarterly optimizations
  • Implementation of approved recommendations through the carriers

Gain Cost Savings and Visibility

Alone or packaged with other MTS Services, our Wireless Optimization engagements ensure that you not only maximize wireless savings, but also understand your current wireless assets and services. This prepares you to analyze technology options (such as mobile applications) or prepares you for a TEM solution deployment. Within a few months, savings can be realized with no up front investment. Completion of a wireless optimization will ensure you begin the TEM lifecycle process with a clean inventory and the best possible wireless rate plans and wireless contract rates.

TEM Wireless Optimization Benefits:

  • Hard savings on wireless voice and data services
  • Sophisticated rating engine technology for thorough analysis and quick actionable results
  • Full management of the process from analysis and recommendations to remediation — no burden to your resources
  • A high ROI engagement that can fund or justify a long-term Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution