TEM Suite Tenant Resale

Looking for a way to effectively generate revenue through bill back of the telecom services you provide your internal or external customers? MTS TEM Suite is can provide this functionality as part of its telecom expense and enterprise mobility management suite.

TEM Suite Tenant Resale is the ideal solution for health care organizations, universities, exhibition operators, hotels, office rental and any other organization which provides Telecom or IT services to its customers and P&L based departments. From provisioning of services and resources, through invoicing, to payment; MTS TEM Suite’s robust billing solution is the key to ensuring accurate cost recovery.

Automatic Invoicing and Easy Payment Tracking

Tenant Resale allows organizations to automatically invoice their customers based on defined schedules or period. Invoices can be produced in various file formats and then sent automatically via email, or alternatively printed and sent by mail. The system allows for invoices to be reproduced (for example, when rate changes have occurred after invoicing is done) or payment deductions from customer’s balances. Report options facilitate the tracking of payments by invoiced customers and helps ensure that customers pay on time every time.

Accurate Cost Recovery

MTS TEM Suite allows you to base your charge model on the costs incurred from the services delivered. Costs are identified quicker and your ROI can be calculated more accurately.

Features include:

  • Managing multiple price lists
  • One-time and recurring costs
  • Markups and discounts reflecting additional overhead costs
  • Promotional offers and taxes applied at the transaction level
MTS Tenant Resale

TEM Suite Tenant Resale Benefits:

  • Accurate Cost Recovery
  • Fast and Simple Administration of Customer Accounts and Billing Profiles
  • Automatic Invoicing and Easy Payment Tracking