MTS Unified Communication Management Solution

Gain Visibility, Enforce Compliance & Stay Connected

With the convergence of communication mediums and the prevalence of unified communications (UC) throughout the enterprise, the boundaries between wireline and wireless communications are disappearing. Today’s connected employee is expecting their company to provide the ability to communicate from anywhere at any time, from any device. MTS TEM Suite’s Unified Communications Management solution simplifies the management of the UC lifecycle.

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Works Across All Platforms

TEM Suite Unified Communications Management supports collection of CDR from traditional, hybrid or IP-based switches and unified communication platforms from most major switch vendors including:

UC Asset Management

Communication usage and expenses are tied to communication assets so it is critical that companies have an accurate inventory of all their unified communication assets and associated costs.

TEM Suite’s Unified Communications Asset Management can help manage all your unified communication assets (video, voice, data and wireless) by creating and maintaining an accurate inventory.

You will not only know what your UC assets costs but also where your UC assets are, how they are being used, and by whom.

Asset Management

Wireless UC Usage Management

Communication and collaboration take place over wireless devices and apps too. Its important that companies can capture, allocate and report on wireless UC usage expenses and assets.

TEM Suite’s Wireless UC Usage Expense Management can help you gain an holistic view of ALL your unified communication usage and assets. Take control and optimize your wireless UC environment and costs.

The result: cost of ownership is reduced, and ROI is improved.

Call Accounting

For many companies, telecom expense represent 25% – 35% of IT costs. It is important that companies have visibility into all aspects of those telecom costs.

MTS’s TEM Suite Call Accounting offers companies of all sizes and industries a flexible solution for capturing and managing unified communication costs.

MTS Dashboards

UC Procurement Management

TEM Suite’s Procurement Management ensures that your unified communications procurement activities are under control.

Every order is authorized, properly configured, placed on the appropriate rate plan, and reported to the appropriate party.

Organizations benefit from a single point of control over all UC ordering activity.

UC Expense Management

Reduce costs and empower business unit managers and decision-makers to make strategic, accurate assessments of asset costs, service costs, proper business usage and accountability.

MTS’s TEM Suite UC Invoice & Expense Management drives down UC expenses by preventing overspending from happening before any invoice is paid.

Additional Features

Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

Employee call analytics, process automation and workflow management increase employee productivity generating soft dollar savings.

Reduce Corporate Risk

Reduce Corporate Risk

Proactive monitoring and alerting provides full visibility into all your unified communications assets and usage from all endpoints to enforce proper security and policy compliance.

MTS Quality of Service

Quality of Service

Empower your workforce and drive business success by ensuring a high quality of service for your end users, customers and partners.

MTS Dashboards

Dashboards, Alerts & Reporting

Put valuable information to work with advanced TEM dashboards, standard reports, and ad hoc reporting that give you control over your TEM lifecycle.

TEM Suite Allocation Chargeback

Allocation & Chargeback

Become a strategic resource with automated allocation, chargeback and billing of all your costs. Create hard dollar savings and visibility into business unit expenses.

MTS Cable Management

Cable Management

Avoid the frustration, time and effort involved in tracking down the information required to quickly locate, review and correct network or telecom cable issues.

MTS Budget Management

Budget Management

Gain cost control over as telecom budgets with automated alerts and reports. Improve process efficiency and reduce cost overruns.

MTS Tenant Resale

Tenant Resale

Generate additional revenue to fund IT initiatives or simply bill back departments for usage based consumption of IT resources… Tenant Resale makes it easy.

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