TEM Suite Veterans Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting Module

For all the Veterans Administration Medical Centers (VAMC), IT and telecom staff are faced with the daunting task of reconciling the automated routing of veterans national crisis line calls to the third party call centers for compliance reporting purposes.

The manual task of identifying forwarded crisis line calls and ANI and later reconciling these calls with the third party or central hotline call log report is time consuming and creates the potential for compliance reporting exposure due to human error.

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Gain Veterans National Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Visibility

MTS’s TEM Suite platform offers a fully integrated software suite that provide Veterans Health Administration organizations with the ability to easily identify, flag and manage veterans national crisis call routing compliance through the veterans national crisis line VDN for automated alerting, identification, reconciliation and reporting.

Enforce Veterans National Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting Policies

These flagged veterans national crisis line calls can then be reconciled with the received calls reported for a specific VDN to ensure all forwarded veterans crisis line calls are reported and reconciled for compliance purposes. To facilitate national crisis line call reconciliation, TEM Suite can also automatically identify calls and caller ids that were abandoned or busy and did not successfully make it to the third party call center.

Easily Expand Your Visibility and Reporting Capabilities

In addition to this veterans national crisis line reporting module, MTS TEM Suite can easily identify, track and report on all call and usage types. The solution can also identify potential UC issues related to quality of service issues or wasted network resources that may represent a considerable monthly expense.

The value of information comes from its use, not its collection. That’s why TEM Suite delivers baseline usage information to corporate decision makers in a business-ready format. Armed with this information, department heads, business unit managers and decision-makers can make strategic, accurate assessments of compliance risks, services costs, business usage, and accountability.

TEM Suite’s call accounting capabilities include: help desk, asset management, CDR capture from switches/PBX and wireless and wireline invoices, quality of service (QoS) reporting, cost allocation and chargeback, cable management, E-911 and 911 alerts, tenant resale and billing, and full lifecycle reporting and dashboards.

TEM Suite Veterans Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting Benefits:

  • Automated VAMC Veterans National Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting and Reconciliation
  • Quickly Identify, Alert and Report on Abandoned or Busy Calls by ANI
  • Flexible Veterans National Crisis Line Call Routing Compliance Reporting and Alerting