TEM Suite Wireless Expense Management

Wireless services are the fastest growing part of a company’s telecom expense. Enterprises are seeking ways to reduce their wireless spend, and to ensure that the services they are receiving are delivered at the lowest possible cost.

Understanding your wireless assets, usage patterns, and the costs of related services is at the heart of any solid telecom expense management strategy. MTS TEM Suite’s Wireless Expense Management can help your IT and Telecom staffs better control your wireless environment.

Reduce Costs with Wireless Optimization

TEM Suite’s wireless expense management uses leading-edge technology and analytics for wireless optimization. The robust optimization analytics and reporting and is able to identify significant wireless expense savings opportunities and produce impactful savings results.

Generate Reports for Statistical Needs

Deliver automated management reporting for wireless assets, usage and costs. Reporting includes standard reports, dashboards, KPIs, on-demand queries and user defined alarms and alerts. Complete visibility ensures wireless usage remains in check and abuse is kept at a minimum.

Wireless Expense Management - WEM

TEM Suite Wireless Expense Management Benefits:

  • Achieve Significant Wireless Cost Savings with Wireless Optimization
  • Eliminate Unnecessary Costs by Identify and Terminating Unused Wireless Devices
  • Mitigate Risk with an Cradle-to-Grave View of Wireless Assets, Use and Users
  • Sophisticated Rating Engine Technology for Thorough Analysis and Quick Results