TEM Suite Wireless Help Desk

MTS Wireless Help Desk provides dedicated, highly trained wireless help desk services staffed with mobility experts armed with the latest enterprise mobility tool set. No need to worry about training costs to keep your help desk current on the latest devices, OS’s, mobile apps or connectivity tools … we’ve got that covered.

Services Designed to Help You Overcome Common Help Desk Issues

  • Help Desk SLAs falling short during peak times because of current staffing limits and long ramp up times?
  • BYOD programs making it difficult, if not impossible, to create predictable Help Desk staffing models?
  • Approved device type exceptions or BYOD programs resulting in too many device types or carriers to support?

Improve End User Customer Satisfaction

Our wireless help desk is staffed with mobility experts and call volume fluctuations are not a problem. In addition to our wireless expertise, our wireless help desk staff have easy access to our Wireless Vendor Management team and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) teams to ensure your help desk tickets get resolved quickly.

Built in escalation and alerting mechanisms ensure that requested work is completed without delay. Monitoring and reporting capabilities complement this to improve your overall levels of service to your end users.

Lower Support Costs

MTS Wireless Help Desk Services are specifically designed to reduce the high costs of staffing a quality wireless help desk. TEM Suite Wireless Help Desk Services provide an SLA driven help desk staffed by wireless experts who have easy access to other subject matter experts within the MTS managed services team.

Our model provides optional services such as VIP / White Glove treatment for identified users, 24×7 support, white labeling of services, and integration into the many wireless and wireline TEM Suite services and modules.

With MTS Wireless Help Desk Services you can get the job done in less time and with a smaller budget.

MTS Wireless Help Desk Solution

TEM Suite Wireless Help Desk Benefits:

  • Significant Help Desk Cost Reduction
  • Cost Alignment and Visibility
  • Access to Wireless Subject Matter Expertise
  • VIP and White Glove Service Levels