An important part of doing business starts with your ability to manage telecom assets including voice, data, and wireless. With MTS TEM’s Asset Management you get complete telecom asset management tracking and IT allocation and chargeback information, plus a powerful database to audit vendor invoices – catching costly telecom billing errors before they add up.

Increase Visibility

TEM Asset Management is tightly integrated with Procurement Management and Contract Management to provide 360 degree visibility and management of all your wire-line and wireless assets.  Asset Management provides tracking, management, and reporting on vendor activity, contract compliance, project/work order status, and workflow management – giving you a comprehensive look at all your assets and the information you need to manage your resources in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Reduce Costs

This increased visibility into your assets results in hard dollar savings through accurate inventory, usage and billing management along with soft dollar savings gained through process efficiencies gained by TEM Suite’s automation.

With MTS’s Asset Management, you’ll not only know where your assets are and how they are being used, but by whom. With the ability to track and manage telecom assets, responsibility can be assigned to the individual, location, business unit, or cost center. That’s a big step toward enterprise-wide cost control.


Asset Management Case Study

Company Profile
A large US pharmaceutical company

Business Challenge
The company needed to achieve federally mandated compliance by tracking the assignment of all IT/Telecom assets – and thus reducing its fiduciary risks.

By implemented MTS’s Asset Management the company was not only able to achieve the federally mandated asset tracking compliance, but was also able to achieve a 10% reduction in overall equipment expenses. This cost reduction was a result of being able to assign assets to the appropriate employees, projects and business units and use this information as a basis for cost allocation, internal reporting and charge-back to projects.