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We leverage our 20+ years of experience to provide the latest technology in Contact Center Software and enable the best Customer Experience for your customers.


Why Omnis:

  • Ease of use / Easy to deploy
  • Self-Service using advanced AI, Bots and automation
  • WhatsApp and Facebook Integration
  • Real Time Monitoring with Analytics and Reporting
  • Omnichannel Modules – (Voice, SMS, Social Media, Web, Chat, Email, Fax…)
  • Real Time mobile push notification using Microsoft Flow
  • Contact Management – Track all interactions across the different channels
  • Open Channel APIs and Out-Of-The-Box integrations to Salesforce, Dynamics365, ServiceNow, Freshdesk,  Teams, and many more…
  • Agent Unified Interface – Agents can manage tasks and status across the different channels
  • Custom Dashboard per Agent / Supervisor and BI integration


Managing real-time, multi-channel interaction is simple with the Omnis Unified Interface, allowing employees to handle different interactions under one Omnichannel Desktop with real-time visibility into customer information, customer journey and previous interactions.

Customer Journey

Out-Of-The Box multi channels capabilities and Open Channel Architecture provides your customers with the ability to connect whenever and however they choose; voice, emails, chat, social media and more.


Maximize your agents productivity and engage your customers with blended unified multi-channel interactions: calls, emails, chats and more.


Omnis Real-Time supervision tools, Dashboard Designer and advanced reporting tool, provides real time visibility into every aspect of your contact center activity. Custom report tools and Metrics can bring new insights to your business and better understanding of the productivity and efficiency of your contact center operation.


Omnis Open API Architecture enable integration of 3rd party software, services and devices using the admin interface.


Your Agents can login to their Queues, manage multiple Status and perform different Tasks, according to their assigned Skills, using the Windows Motion Phone bar.


Use the Realtime panels to monitor your Agent’s performances and to make dynamical changes in case of urgency needs.


From simple inquires to complex personalized interactions Omnis provided self-service experience using the most advanced integrated artificial intelligence tools for all communication types including voice and chat.


Using the latest in UI/UX design principles Omnis was designed to provide a simplified and intuitive user experience.


Make things automatically happen, according to previously defined timing and actions.

DR and HA

Configure Disaster Recovery and High Availability infrastructures. You can get licenses for secondary server with a special discount!


Choose your preferred Provider! Voice traffic is charged and billed separately by your Voice Provider / Carrier in accordance with their terms and conditions.


Deploy Omnis on dedicated server, virtual machine or even in the cloud. Choose your pricing model: monthly flat rate or lifetime licenses based on concurrent agents and IVR channels.


Omnis is now operational, to the GDPR specification indicated in the Regulation 2016/679/UE. Omnis was designed with a focused towards customer privacy, transparency and safety to guarantee clients personal data.


Omnis has an automated outbound dialer that increase productivity and maximizes Agent talk time. The dialer has Preview, Power, Progressive or Predictive dialing options. The Dialer can be used for several kinds of applications, like Call Back applications, Booking reminders, Automatic Surveys, Tele-selling, Telemarketing and more…


Reduce costs, eliminate hold times and provide 24-hour service every day of the year.

Omnis IVR allows you to provide your customers with self-service information, interacts with them automatically, all while integrating your organization’s data and processes.


Handle calls using the Web Real Time Communication Bar (WebRTC) embedded in the Omni Desktop Agent Interface!


Allow Agents to effectively collaborate and quickly solve customer issues!

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