Budget, Cost Control and Fiscal Management

The challenges facing government facilities are often unique based on the varying infrastructures, aging platforms, complexities of doing business with departments running off of taxpayer dollars, and the requirements of aligning to stringent government guidelines. Here are a few of the benefits of MTS’ solutions aligning to the needs of government facilities:

  • Allows for visibility of taxes or other non-exempt charges
  • Cost reductions due to identifying assets still billing that are disconnected
  • Increased visibility of assets & usage by location/agency in order to chargeback correctly and for cost reductions for services for each location
  • Ability to chargeback for various usage types and recurring charges with detailed breakdowns
  • Infrastructure cost reductions
  • Quick access to data
  • Standardized/consolidated platform for all system types
  • Meets requirements to provide call record data as required by Public Records Act
  • Options for cloud strategies, consolidation & optimization, budget & cost controls, fiscal management, shared services, enterprise IT governance and compliance

In addition, five out of ten of the State CIO Top Ten Policy and Technology Priorities for 2018 outlined by NASCIO can be addressed by MTS Solutions:

#2. Cloud Services: Although behind the curve, states have embraced cloud strategies and are implementing scalable “as a service” solutions.

  • MTS not only offers a cloud solution but can also provide the toolset to manage cloud services

#3. Consolidation/Optimization: Centralizing and consolidating services is difficult without a solution to manage the inventory and a MACD activity.

  • MTS’ Technology Lifecycle Management can provide the visibility to centralize & consolidate assets as well as provide optimization recommendations

#5. Budget, Cost Control, Fiscal Management: MTS provides integrated financial, communication, and infrastructure tracking solutions. Opportunities to control costs are directly related to the ability to eliminate overpayments and improve efficiencies in processing invoices, managing disputes, and tracking ownership including:

  • The ability to quickly analyze the cost of operations by business unit, by location, by service, or by support activity – these components provide hard dollar cost savings and recovery
  • Forecasting for budget requirements to be used by internal stakeholders and/or internal customers
  • The ability to correlate the actual lifecycle costs to procure, deliver, and support operations

#6. Shared Services: Providing consolidation of business operations in IT requires a solution to manage IT services and assets.

MTS provides:

  • An enterprise solution that manages the entire IT estate
  • Immediate insight to the configuration and cost of services by type and location
  • Cost allocation for provisioned services and support activities – the direct benefit of charge-backs is the ability to provide financial insight to the recipient regarding provisioned services

#7. Enterprise IT Governance: Hot points include enterprise IT policy and planning; improving IT governance; partnering; inter-jurisdictional collaboration; industry advisory boards; legislative oversight–achieving proper balance; and agencies participating as members of a “state enterprise”.

  • MTS solutions are built on governance policies at the core and can be developed to manage and enforce corporate policies surrounding IT services
  • Allows for quick search for call records
  • MTS can enable compliance by providing information in a single, integrated framework to support the complete spectrum of service delivery and billing operations, as well as produce a consolidated internal invoice that includes charges for recurring and non-recurring charges for all provisioned services
  • Supports more than one PBX during migration, and provides a link to historical calls from PBX A to extensions from PBX B
  • Allows for CCR retention
  • Avoids redundancy by voiding duplicate data entries

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Overall we are highly satisfied with eXsight. The software is user friendly when it comes to reviewing and processing invoice to running reports. I would highly recommend this to any business trying to manage their telecom spend.

Telecommunications ManagerLarge financial holding company

Great software for our needs. MTS provides our department with great software for our data. It is great to use and the customer support are always there when you need help. Recommended for telecom companies looking for a software for the their data.

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OUTSTANDING product! Has greatly reduced time required to manage our telephony devices. This includes wired and wireless.

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