Allowing healthcare entities to increase visibility on assets & usage management as they grow & merge, while also maintaining a customer-centric core.

The healthcare industry is an important part of the global framework of the modern world we live in. It has morphed into a large network of organizations and healthcare providers of varying types, business complexities, sizes and specialties. As the industry continues to grow, it brings a new set of challenges and an opportunity for IT departments within the healthcare organizations to evaluate how to support the continued growth, while also maintaining compliance issues and reducing telecom expenses.

The benefits of MTS’ solutions catered specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare industry include:

  • Aligning with corporate compliance with HIPAA and HITECH Act requirements & company policies
  • Allowing for a standardized/consolidated platform for all system types
  • Reducing costs by identifying trunks and PRIs without usage
  • Supporting more than one PBX during migration, and linking historical calls from PBX A to extensions from PBX B
  • Automated monthly chargeback
  • Avoiding redundancy by voiding duplicate data entries
  • Providing cloud options
  • Addressing the expense management of IoT and connected services by tracking, managing and reporting on all fixed and mobile telecom assets
  • Reducing capital expenses & identifying solutions to reduce telecom costs
  • Allowing healthcare entities to increase visibility on assets & usage management as they grow & merge, while also maintaining a customer-centric core
  • Reducing infrastructure costs
  • Allowing for quick access to data

Our Solutions For Healthcare

eXsight Call Accounting

eXsight is a revolutionary and feature-rich UC&C management solution that provides real-time business insights based on communication environments.

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TEM Billing Audit

MTS’s Telecom Billing Audit Services provide hands-on invoice review and recovery.

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Telecom Expense Management

Our Telecom Expense Management (TEM) program deliver significant cost savings, as well as unparalleled visibility and corporate governance.

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What our Customers Have to Say About Us

Overall we are highly satisfied with eXsight. The software is user friendly when it comes to reviewing and processing invoice to running reports. I would highly recommend this to any business trying to manage their telecom spend.

Telecommunications ManagerLarge financial holding company

Great software for our needs. MTS provides our department with great software for our data. It is great to use and the customer support are always there when you need help. Recommended for telecom companies looking for a software for the their data.

Facility CoordinatorLarge Convention Center

OUTSTANDING product! Has greatly reduced time required to manage our telephony devices. This includes wired and wireless.

Communications EngineerLarge public utility

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