Save 10% to 30% in annual telecom costs with MTS Call Accounting

Control telecom costs and billing with MTS’s award-winning Cloud Call Accounting Solution. With over 25 years of customer satisfaction MTS’s proven call accounting systems help you:

  • Reduce the Cost of Communication Services
  • Measure Telecom Performance vs. Expenses
  • Manage Resources with Trackable Telemanagement

MTS Cloud Call Accounting Key Benefits

  • Collect and Analyze CDR from any PBX
  • Reduce Telecom Expenses through Visibility
  • Generate Reports for Statistical Needs
  • Supports Corporate System Integration
  • Chargeback Telecom Costs Internally
  • Can be offered on a Managed Service Basis

Whether implemented as a stand-alone Cloud Call Accounting solution or part of a full Telecom Expense Management (TEM) system, MTS Cloud Call Accounting saves you money, provides greater accountability, and protects you from overcharges.

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Take Control of Your Communication Costs with MTS Call Accounting