eXsight Omnis – Designed for every type of customer interaction:
Inbound / Outbound / Blended Call Center or Omnichannel Contact Center!

Engage your customers with eXsight Omnis unique technology;
Open Channel, Real Time, Powerful and Effective.

eXsight Omnis is one of the first real Omni Channel Solution, allowing to manage several types of information in a Unified and Integrated Environment, where businesses control all channels seamlessly.

eXsight Omnis extends the intelligent queuing strategy mechanism, typical of the voice calls distribution systems, to multi channels including Email, Chat, SMS, Fax, WEBRTC, Video Call and additional customized channels.

eXsight Omnis Benefits:

  • Real Omnichannel Modules – (Voice, SMS, Web, Chat, Email, Fax…)
  • Contact Management – Track all interactions across the different channels
  • Open Channel APIs – Develop new channels in just a few steps
  • Agent Phonebar – Agents can manage their tasks and status across the different channels in a unified interface
  • Real Time Monitoring with Analytics and Reporting
  • Custom Dashboard per Agent and Administrator
  • Automation and Triggers
  • Ease of use