PMSi is a communication manager. It captures messages sent from one device to another and converts the format so that no special software modification is required.

PMSi is an efficient, reliable, and cost effective solution for interconnecting devices that communicate through messages.

PMSi enables PMS to control PBX features or receive information from the PBX, which improves
the efficiency of hotel operations and customer care.

PMSi supports various physical device types:

  • TCP/IP
  • RS-232
  • Database (Microsoft® SQL Server™, Oracle®, Microsoft Access®, etc.)
  • Text File
  • TAPI
  • Printer
  • Screen (Interactive)
  • Program (for third party PMSs to interface directly)

System Configuration

The PMSi integrates the PMS, PBX and eXsight call
accounting system into one Hotel System.


  • FOS (Front Office System) control over PBX functions such as Check In, Check Out, Message Waiting, Wake Up Calls and Room Status
  • Enables controlling PBX and Voice Mail features
  • UP to 99 Applications or Hardware devices can be easily defined and connected simultaneously
  • Issues inactivity alarms when a device fails
  • Activity for all devices is recorded in a log file
  • Provides a diagnostics tool to enable the user to view raw data
  • Manages the CPU resources allocated to its operation