The Telecom Expense Management Lifecycle begins with the procurement of new telecom assets and services. Its important that any new asset or service is properly ordered from the vendor against the correct account and contract, along with the negotiated rates. It is equally important that all the asset characteristics are also captured and managed at the time of the order for proper telecom asset lifecycle management.

Gain Control from Cradle to Grave

TEM Procurement Management solution ensures that your telecommunications provisioning activities are under control. Every order is authorized, properly configured, placed on the appropriate rate plan, and reported to the appropriate party. Integration with the Asset Management, Contract Management and Invoice Management modules ensures that all changes are recorded and asset information remains up to date at all times, without additional data entry.

Enforce Corporate Policy at Time of Order

Procurement Management only allows employees or business units to order assets and services that are in compliance with corporate policy. Our procurement management solution supports flexible asset and service catalogues to ensure your orders for corporate assets and services reflect corporate policy and are ordered from valid corporate contracts.

Improve Visibility and Reporting

Procurement management also provides a single point of control over all telecom support activity presenting you with a complete view of open and closed orders. Standard reports and alerting features notify users to problems with orders and the associated reporting provides visibility to operation and financial controls.

TEM Procurement Management Benefits:

  • Place and monitor wireline and wireless asset and service orders in accordance with contracted rates
  • Employee web portal for placing internal MACD orders and managing approvals and approval routing before placing the order with the vendor
  • Flexible asset and service catalogs ensure assets and services ordered reflect corporate policy and are ordered from valid corporate contracts