MTS’s Telecom Billing Audit Services provide hands-on invoice review and recovery. MTS consultants use telecom auditing techniques to review your telecom environment and identify immediate cost savings – in as few as 3 months! The telecom audit engagements are contingency-based, meaning no budget required or up-front fees to you.

TEM Billing Audit Solutions Designed for the Enterprise

MTS’s TEM Billing Audit Services team offers an enterprise several options to overcome their telecom cost reduction challenges. Enterprises can opt for either an all-inclusive audit engagement or one of several targeted, telecom audit offerings. MTS’s menu of contingency-based Audit Services for addressing telecom cost savings initiatives include:

  • Recovering historical telecom over-billings
  • Identify and isolate cost avoidance opportunities that go beyond vendor billing errors
  • Negotiating lower contract rates/better terms (keep in mind – all contracts are negotiable at any time!)
  • Optimizing wireless plans

Cost Savings Audit

MTS TEM consultants can review your telecom environment to quickly identify cost savings – in as few as 3 months! Audit engagements in our programs are contingency based, meaning no up-front fees or budget needed. And once you’ve identified the areas for a “quick” return, you can then evaluate MTS Sustained Savings options through our automated TEM solution which offers ongoing telecom vendor cost reductions plus additional savings in staff time through process automation.

MTS Audit Deliverables

  • Project management services: Including a detailed project plan, issues list, sign-offs
  • Status reports: Weekly reports containing all relevant updates and progress, including summary of savings to date and individual claim details
  • Documentation of findings: Each claim will be documented and sent to the client for approval before submission to vendor
  • Claims submission and recovery management: Provide confirmation from vendor that error has been corrected and credit applied/received by client
  • Recommendations: Details on implementing accepted optimization
  • Recovery: Work with carriers to recover the savings and implement the cost savings recommendations

Alone or packaged, MTS’s Telecom Expense Management Audit Services ensure that you not only maximize telecom savings, but also understand your current voice, data and wireless assets and services.

TEM Billing Audit Case Study

Company Profile
Leading national health care provider with over $4M in telecom spend

Business Challenge
Lack of spend visibility and control; inefficient telecom management process

Audit and renegotiate telecom contracts and automate telecom usage tracking and invoice processes to better facilitate analysis for areas of improvements and cost savings

Value Achieved
Over $1.5M in cost savings from contract rate reductions, process optimization, on-going cost avoidance savings, and better spend visibility