About MTS

A Global provider of innovative telecom solutions

Our services are specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by enterprises and service providers.

Proven Ability to Deliver

We leverage our 20+ years of experience in telecom to provide both enterprise and service providers with the latest technology solutions and services to reduce expenses, simplify communication management, increase customer satisfaction, reduce telecom costs, enforce corporate policy compliance, and grow revenues.

MTS is a leading TEM solution provider with over 500 customers in over 80 countries and territories across the globe. We come with twenty years of experience in working with customers from different market segments, verticals, and geographies, and we have established relationships with higher education clients. We are familiar with the requirements and solutions needed. MTS has gathered significant subject matter expertise and real-world experience in delivering global TEM, Call Accounting/Usage Management, and EMM solutions.  We pride ourselves on being more than just a vendor to our customers, but rather a trusted partner and advisor.

MTS has supported the telecom needs of education, government, and small to large sized enterprises over the last two decades. Combining our industry leading technology, experienced TEM/EMM professionals, and a rigorous analytical approach, the MTS team has helped clients streamline & automate telecom usage & reporting, document and optimize their telecom assets, assist with procurement of services, and recover millions of dollars through telecom expense management. In addition, these capabilities have provided organizations with the intelligence to make more effective strategic network and telecom infrastructure decisions.

MTS has a track record of delivering best-in-class solutions to over 500 customers. We have worked with those customers to achieve success as a result of the following:

  • MTS offers extensive industry expertise. We have worked with hundreds of companies where we have delivered our solutions and services. We understand how to manage these projects to ensure a successful result and on-time delivery.
  • MTS’s customer-centric approach ensures that proven, best-practice business processes are used to define the methodology our solution engagements will use to ensure optimum results.
  • MTS’s award winning TEM Suite has been selected as “Best-in-Class” by several telecom industry publications. We have a long-term track record of delivering outstanding results to our customers through the use of our technology and consulting services.
  • MTS’s industry leading customer satisfaction as proven by the most recent AOTMP TEM/WEM vendor customer satisfaction survey. This survey was conducted by AOTMP, a telecom analysts company, who independently surveyed 407 companies and received 3,167 vendor ratings across 7 vendor categories.

Our Clients